Language And Grammar Resources (and More)

In case you hadn’t noticed, we changed the look of the blog recently. The most recent template didn’t highlight the pages on the site as well as this one does, so let me introduce (or re-introduce) some of the pages here.

  • Sherry’s Grammar List: This is a list of common grammar errors that Sherry Coven has written for the blog. This is the most popular page on the site.
  • Paul List: This is a list of Paul’s entries (not completely updated yet), which includes more language than traditional grammar posts.
  • We have a book dedicated to Paul’s book as well: Literally, the Best Language Book Ever.
  • Finally, we have a page of language pet peeves contributed by our readers (Note: The comments section for this page is closed): Your Pet Peeves.

Paul Yeager is also a meteorologist and has done quite a bit of writing related to the weather, so we wanted to share those resources as well.

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